Ethics and social responsibility

Masterpack S.p.a. spa agreed to the organization model as of the order in council 231/2001 with the report of the board of dectors of 03/11/2014.
In parallel, a supervision body has been nominated, with the task to monitor the appropriate compliance of the organization model.

Masterpack S.p.a. spa submitted to an indipendent certification agency the conformity verification to the international regulations, to national laws and to the ethical code laid down by Sedex in the field of labour standards, health and safety, Environmental and Ethical compliance on business achieving the protocol qualification.

Sedex is a non-profit organization, aiming to pursue the constant improvement of the performances from the ethical and responsible point of view on commercial relations and with the stakeholders of the supply chain.

Sedex Members Ethical Trade audit SMETA 4-pillar B member:

Member n° 76150

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Sustainability is an important theme in the packaging industry, intended as respect to the environment and as social-economical theme.


The Thermical oxydation plant of the regenerative kind, recovering heat, smoke and water, and the trigeneration plant, allow us the thermicalcolling independece, and the reduction of the primary energy necessity from fossil fuel with an yearly reduction of 350.000 kg of CO2 emissions.


Eco-friendly and Bio based solutions, film thickness reduction, packed product shelf life extension.

Our reclosable packaging solutions result in a lower environmental cost of the industry, and represent a contrast to food waste, leading to a perfect combination of sustainability and performances.


-350.000 Kg
CO2 emissions yearly

Our certifications

International Sustainability & Carbon Certification

Quality management

Environmental management system

Global standard for packaging and packaging materials

Recyclable compliance certification

Corporate Compliance: adaptation to the Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.