Innovative Packaging Solutions

Masterpack is a packaging converting company founded in 1988 by Binda Claudio and still today, with the entry into the business of the sons, totally family owned.

Since the beginning Masterpack stood out not only because of the high quality of its products, but also for the flawless service that has always granted to its customers.

During the years, the direction of Masterpack was always more oriented on the specialization not only of conventional packaging products, but also on special products that could give an added value to the packaging of its customers.

For this reason, Masterpack boasts a highly advanced R&D laboratory that deposited, during the years, more than 30 patents, of which some are worldwide.

Among the special products stand out the preapplied peel&reseal labels, preapplied on the reel zippers, peel&reseal systems through a controlled delamination of the layers of the material, real paper laminated packaging with windows laser scored at register, films for direct cooking into the microwave or conventional oven, worldwide patented degassing valves and naturally a wide choice of recyclable or compostable materials.

On the international market, Masterpack is currently exporting all over Europe and recently started to export to north America with success, where the objective of Masterpack is in the near furture to be able to open a branch.

Our history

Masterpack was founded in 1988 by Binda Claudio after a long significant experience in the world of flexible packaging, with particular reference to the food segment.

Still today the property of the company is in the hands of the Binda family, with the entry of the sons in operative roles, reinforcing the direct relationship with customers.


Claudio Binda, owner and chief manager of Masterpack S.p.a., after 30 years in the field of packaging is still the innovative driving force of the company.

He continues to use enthusiasm and passion as in the first day, investing in his own company resources with a special care in innovation and technology.

Our staff

A professional and dynamic team who takes the service and the client at the first place.

Flexibility, accuracy and quickness in the management of the order with a remarkable ability in problem solving make Masterpack S.p.a. the ideal and reliable partner.

Our Mission

Fulfilling the requirements of the clients is not only our job but above all our passion.

Innvovative Packaging Solutions is our motto, which for us means to make a packaging according to requirements,
which is functional and attractive at the same time.

Packaging Revolution, well-advanced solutions which pass through times, new ideas are now developing with a unique purpose:
client’s satisfaction.