Production sites

Masterpack S.p.a.’s strong point is the excellent quality level of all the production aspects.

  • Production sites: air-conditioned and certified sites, respecting the hygienic-sanitary standards of the food industry.
  • Raw materials: controlled and certified to best protect your products.
  • Printing: 54 lines digital polymers and 8 colors printing machines for high definition printings.
  • Services: materials consultancy, speed and expertise at your service.

Masterpack S.p.a. spa creates its products at the 2 production facilities in Monvalle and Veruno.


  • Printing facility with 4 flexographic printing machines with integrated inspection system, supported by an internal graphical department.
  • Lamination division with 2 solvent/solvent-less lamination machines.
  • Slitting division and micro-perforation machine.


  • Lamination division with 2 solvent-less lamination machines.
  • Special manufacturing division for the final processes of our products, with 5 lines of which 2 Hudson-Sharp machines.
  • Slitting division.

Raw materials

Only first choice and certified materials. Basical ring for a successful and quality pack building is with no doubt its material.

Masterpack S.p.a. buys its Raw Materials solely from quality certification systems suppliers.

Masterpack S.p.a. has a tracebility System which enables to define for each production lot every single material used and, from that, to its suppliers.

Polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, aluminium film, polyamide etc., different materials with different properties and costs.

Laminated with two, three or four layers to enlarge properties on the whole, obtaining the most suitable film for your products and your wrapping machineries.

Oxygen barrier needs, barrier to gasses, light, flavours, high or low temperatures, oils and fats.
These are only some of the possibilities to consider when choosing the material to use.

Masterpack S.p.a. is able to offer free a consulting service to accompany you in the complicated choice of most suitable material for your products up to a test of new materials to satisfy even particolar needs.

Clean Room

Production processes that require extreme air cleanliness are still rising and go hand in hand with the emergence of new and more sophisticated needs.

To meet the requirements for applications that are particularly sensitive to contamination, we decided to create a contamination controlled environment, a so-called “white room“, where the air maintains a high standard of cleanliness.

This is a local isolated from the surrounding pixels and served by its own air treatment plant where dust from outside remains limited.

The clean room installed in our Production Department at Veruno site is classfied at class 7 according ISO 14644, corresponding to the class 10.000 according to Federal Standard 209D.

Has a door with interlocking system-to ensure positive pressure inside-air.

It develops an area of 200 square meters, one slitting machine and one laminating machine are working.