According to UNI 11743:2019 STANDARDS and Aticelca® 501 2019 Evaluation System

Thanks to the presence of a consolidated recycling supply chain, paper is perceived as a model of excellence in the field of sustainability and the use of paper in product packaging can therefore facilitate the purchase choice. The Aticelca® 501 2019 evaluation system is the only one recognized by the Italian paper and cardboard industry for the evaluation of the recyclability of products and packaging with a prevalence of paper. Masterpack has enhanced the development of recyclable packaging according to the Aticelca system with recyclable solutions up to level A.

Masterpack offers different formulations
for using the Aticelca 501 2019® brand

Masterpack supports responsible forest management by joining the FSC chain of custody which guarantees the traceability of materials from certified forests.

The increase of paper in the formulation of packaging allows to obtain different CONAI contribution ranges.


Only small technical adjustments are required to regulate the speed and sealing temperature of the packaging machines compared to plastic films.