According to UNI EN 13430  Requirements for packaging that can be recovered for recycling of materials

Other recyclable and eco-sustainable solutions studied and studied by Masterpack are monomaterial plastic films that at the end of their life can be transferred to a recycling system.
Thinking of plastic as a resource, multiple PET structures with different functions (peelable, resealable) and different barrier levels for water and oxygen have been certified according to the UNI EN 13430 standard.
A look from a circular and sustainable economy perspective is also aimed at the production of polyolefin mono-material structures PP and PE.

In favor of a circular economy, Masterpack can provide PP or PET structures deriving from chemical recycling.

Thanks to the production of single-material technologies there is the possibility of a reduction in the CONAI contribution.


These plastic films have the same performance as traditional non-recyclable laminates – workability and printability – and are technically recyclable.